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Immigrating to Singapore may seem to be exciting. However, the entire process can be challenging. So, you would require the help of the Singapore immigration consultants. To increase your chances of success, you must collaborate with the right consultant. Here are the top questions you must ask the consultants to gain insights into their knowledge and expertise in the domain. Let’s dive in!

1. For how many years have you been in the immigration industry?

The first and foremost question you must ask is about their immigration experience. If the consultant has years of experience in the field, you can be confident to hire them. The higher the experience, the better they are well-versed with the technicalities of the immigration procedure. A highly experienced consultant will help you easily navigate through the immigration process. It can increase your chances of submitting a successful application the first time.

2. Are you a registered consultant?

The next question you must ask relates to their registration. Avoid collaborating with an unregistered immigration consultant. Make sure the consultant you hire has been successfully registered with the immigration regulatory body of the particular country.

3. How many clients have you worked with previously?

While interviewing your Singapore immigration consultant, you must get an idea of the number of clients handled by them. Check whether the stats are good. Not just the total numbers, you must ask them about the number of successful applications. It enables you to check the track record or success rate of the immigration consultant. It will also provide you with a better idea about the quality of services they offer. Hire consultants with a high number of successful applications.

4. Will you sign a written contract?

Signing a contract or agreement with your Singapore immigration consultant is a smart decision. The contract will include all the details about the services the consultant will provide. It helps in ensuring transparency about the terms and conditions. Moreover, it eliminates the chances of any disputes in the future.

5. How many cases are you handling at present?

When hiring Singapore immigration consultants, it is important to know the number of cases they are handling currently. It is important to note that the agents must not handle too many cases at a time. Doing so can increase the pressure on the consultant and give rise to errors. So, look for agents who are handling a manageable number of cases and have sufficient time to assist you in successful immigration.

6. What are your consultancy charges?

One of the important questions to ask is the consultancy fees. Make sure that the Singapore immigration consultant is clear about the fees and that there are no hidden costs. Having an idea of the exact fees will help eliminate any confusion later. Hire professionals who charge reasonable fees for consultancy services.


These are a few questions you must ask the Singapore immigration consultants. Hire a consultant who provides you with satisfactory answers to all the questions. Are you looking for a trusted Singapore immigration consultant? Connect with the experts of Strategic Migration Services!