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Canada is one of the top destinations in the world that appeals to immigrants every year. Excellent career opportunities, a safe environment, and high quality of life are among the various reasons why people want to move to the country. If you want to settle in Canada, applying for Canada PR is important. Availing of the services of a Canada immigration agency can make the process simple and easy for you. In this blog, you will get to know effective tips for preparing your Canada PR application.

  • Select the Right Immigration Program

Canada offers a wide range of immigration programs. Some of the important programs include visitor visas, study visas, work permits, express entry programs, and more. So, before you get started with the immigration process, it is vital to know the right immigration program for you. For that, you will have to spend time and research each of the programs and the benefits they offer. An in-depth understanding of the programs will enable you to make the right selection and follow the best pathway.

  • Get Advice from the Professionals

No doubt, it is possible to complete the process of Canada PR application all by yourself. However, it is better to work with a Canada immigration agency. Expert professionals can help you understand the process clearly and prevent the chances of potential errors. Moreover, they can even represent you before the immigration authorities and make the process simpler for you.

  • Gather Relevant Documents

When you want to apply for the Canada PR, there are several documents you need to submit. The most common documents include a passport, proof of funds, medical report, birth certificate, and more. Obtaining some of the documents may require several months. It can lead to unnecessary delay of your application. So, it is better to start collecting all the documents early. It ensures that you have the documents ready and can submit them on time.

  • Keep Copies of the Documents

Whatever documents you submit online or in hard copies for the immigration process, make sure to keep a copy of each. It is usually kept for future reference or use. In case of any issues later, you can easily refer to the copies submitted.

  • Check the Expiry Dates

Several documents, like the passport, have an expiry date. If you submit expired documents, it will result in the rejection of your Canada PR application. That is why it is vital to check the expiry dates. In addition to the passport, also check the expiry dates of police background checks, an invitation to apply, a work permit, and a medical assessment.

  • Communicate with the Experts

In case you have any doubts about the Canada PR application process, make sure to consult an immigration expert. The professionals can offer you quality guidance and provide you with more clarity about all the aspects.


By now, you must be well aware of how to prepare your Canada PR application. Are you looking for the best Canada immigration agency? If yes, you can trust Strategic Migration Services for your immigration needs.