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Are you migrating to Singapore? In that case, you would require the help of a migration agent to efficiently complete the visa application process. Whether you are moving to Singapore for study or work purposes, there are several factors you need to keep note of. Missing out on anything might result in the cancellation of your visa application. That is why people choose to work with a Singapore migration agent. However, choosing the right migration agent is often a hassle for many.

Finding it difficult to choose the right agent for your Singapore migration? Here are a few helpful tips.

  • Get References or Do Your Research

When it comes to finding the right migration agent, the first option is to take references. If you know someone who has moved to Singapore with the help of a professional agent, try to get the contact details. However, if you do not find any such reference, start your research over the internet without any delay. With online research, you are likely to come across several options.

  • Check for Registration

While looking for a Singapore migration agent, make sure to collaborate with the registered agents only. Ensure that the agent you choose is registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). The registration of the agent guarantees that they are well-versed with the visa application requirements and can submit your application legally. Moreover, checking for registration can help in preventing you from any fraud agents.

  • Consider the Experience

Only having the MARA registration is not sufficient. You also need to check whether the migration agents have adequate experience or not. It is important to ensure that the professionals have relevant experience in dealing with the visa type you want to apply for. It will help in preventing any kind of mistake in the visa application process and enhance your success rate.

  • Verify the Success Rate

The ultimate goal of the individuals willing to move to Singapore is to get a visa grant. That is why you must consider verifying the success rate of the migration agent you want to collaborate with. A look at the track record of the Singapore migration agent can provide you insights into how successful they have been in helping clients immigrate. You can even go through the review of previous clients and read them to get a better idea about their experiences with the agent.

  • Consider the Fees

The migration agents charge a fee for helping you with the visa application process. Make sure your agent is transparent about the fees and is capable of explaining the fee structure. It will give you a comprehensive idea of the amount you will have to pay to complete the visa application for Singapore.


Immigrating to Singapore can be quite exciting. However, applying for a visa in the right way is important. Therefore, you must consider hiring migration agents to increase your chances of getting visa grants. Looking for the best migration agent for Singapore immigration? Strategic Migration Services is the right option!