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Are you applying for permanent residency in Singapore? The incredible scenic beauty, excellent healthcare facilities, and exciting opportunities attract more people to apply for PR in Singapore. However, to become a permanent resident of the country, you need to go through several procedures. Document submission is an important element in the application process. Submitting all the essential documents is vital for success. The immigration authorities are very serious about the applications. Missing out on a single document can lead to the rejection of your application. If you aren’t sure about the required documents, connecting with a PR agency in Singapore can help.

Here is a list of documents required during the Singapore PR application process. Let’s take a look!

  • Digital Passport-sized Photograph

When applying for Singapore PR, the first thing you require is your own passport-sized photograph. However, you cannot submit any photography. You need to adhere to the guidelines of ICA. Avoid using photographs that are not of good quality or have reflections and shadows. The resolution of the photo needs to be good. The size of the photograph should be within 1 MB to ensure easy uploading on the e-PR system. The background must be white without any distracting marks.

  • Identification Documents

The Singapore PR application also requires you to submit your personal identification documents. It must provide all important information about the candidate. Some of the identification documents you need to upload are an identity card, birth certificate, family register, and deed poll. You will have to upload digital copies of the identification documents on the e-PR system. Make sure that the size of the documents is less than 2 MB.

  • Travel Documents and Passes

It is an obvious fact that you need to provide your travel documents and passes for the Singapore PR application. It will include your valid passport and immigration passes. When uploading your passport, you do not have to scan and upload it entirely. Instead, you need to just upload the pages that provide information about your personal particulars. It must clearly show your name, passport number, and other official descriptions. The size of these documents must also be less than 2 MB.

  • Academic Qualifications

Not all applicants need to provide their academic qualification documents to the ICA. International students, S pass and employment pass holders, foreign investors, and children of current SC or SPR have to submit it. These documents help the ICA to evaluate the knowledge and skills of the candidates. In addition to educational certificates, you may also have to provide vocational trade certificates and professional membership/ license certificates.

  • Employment Documents

Employment documents may include testimonials from the previous employer or a letter from the current employer. It must indicate important details like position held, salary, and duration of employment.


These are some important documents to submit during the Singapore PR application. Now that you have an idea of the documents, you can proceed to the application process. Want assistance from a PR agency in Singapore? Strategic Migration Services can be the go-to platform for you. Reach out to the professionals today!