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If you’re planning to visit Canada, be it for settling there permanently or visiting as a tourist or pursuing higher education, you are going to need a Canadian Visa in order to enter Canada. The type of Visa that may be granted to you is based on a multitude of factors including, but not limited to, the intention of your stay, the period of your visit, and links to your home country. Canada grants two types of tourist visas – single entry, and multiple entry visitor visas. Since obtaining a Visa can be a lengthy and complicated process, it is imperative as well as prudent to seek the expert assistance of a well-established and renowned Canada immigration agency that has a proven track record. Let us get you through the information you might need when visiting Canada.

Canadian Visa – Know these basic facts 

  • What is an eTA?

    The first thing you must do when planning to embark on a trip to Canada is to check whether you even need a visa or just an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). As for what is an eTA. Well, there is a list of countries that Canada considers visa-exempt. Citizens of these countries do not need a visitor Visa when entering Canada. They, instead, need an eTA. Since Singapore is on the list, you will most likely require an eTA.

  • eTA exemptions

    Some categories of Singaporean travellers are not required to obtain an eTA when travelling to Canada. These include:-

    1. United States Green Card holders
    2. Travellers who will enter Canada either by land or sea
    3. Crew members of flights, accident investigators, and civil aviation inspectors who will be working while in Canada
    4. Government of Canada accredited diplomats
    5. French citizens residing in Miquelon and Saint Pierre flying directly to Canada from these two places
  • Eligibility for eTA

    The following documents are mandatorily needed to be eligible for issuance of an eTA:-

    1. A Singaporean passport that is valid at least six months on entry with one blank visa page
    2. Proof of having sufficient funds
    3. Proof of onward/return flights
    4. Hotel reservation proof
    5. All documents required for the next destination

    In addition, for the order form to be completed, the traveller must provide the following:-

    1. Copy of passport information page
    2. A copy of the flight confirmation
  • Validity

    Usually issued for multiple entries, the eTA is valid for up to five years.

  • Conditions

    Any Singaporean national who has had a criminal record or has been deported or removed from any country will not be eligible for the grant of a Visa.

  • Get in touch with a reliable immigration agency

    The entire visa issuance process is quite complicated and daunting. To make the whole procedure smooth, seamless, and hassle-free, it is always recommended to contact a renowned immigration agency. Strategic Migration Services is one of the most sought-after and reliable immigration and visa consultancy firms in Singapore. For obtaining a Canadian Visa, you may get in touch with their team.