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The United States is one of the most coveted destinations for immigrants. It has the highest nominal GDP in the world, making it one of the most prosperous economies globally. Every year, numerous foreign nationals migrate to the US to leverage the high standard of living and seek attractive economic opportunities. Strong bilateral relations between Singapore and the US allow Singapore citizens to take advantage of attractive visa schemes to move to the US. A trusted US visa agent in Singapore can help them with the application and guide them about the visa formalities. Let’s discuss the top options available for people in Singapore to get a visa to the US.

Is It Difficult to Get a Green Card?

Even though foreign immigration into the US has steadily increased, the process for securing a US visa remains quite daunting for first-time applicants. However, an applicant can easily get a Green Card if they meet the requisite criteria and submit an application as per the relevant guidelines. A US visa agent in Singapore can advise an applicant about the key requirements to help them submit an error-free application.

In 2021, over 740,000 foreign nationals received the coveted Green Card. Out of these, close to 300,000 recipients were from Asian countries. Singapore citizens can also take advantage of the available visa schemes to secure a Green Card for moving to the US.

No. of people receiving the Green Card in FY-21, by country of birth

(Source: Statista, 2023)


Moving From Singapore to the US: Visa Schemes to Consider

A Singapore citizen can check out the available visa schemes to move to the US and secure a Green Card. A US visa agent in Singapore can help them confirm their eligibility and apply for a suitable program. The following are some popular visa schemes for people in Singapore to relocate to the US:

  • EB-5 Visa: This visa allows entrepreneurs or investors from Singapore to shift to the US. To qualify, the applicant must invest a stipulated amount in a new commercial enterprise or a targeted employment area. They may generate at least ten new jobs for US citizens, and meet the full list of criteria set by the USCIS. The EB5 program enables investors and their families to get Green Cards in the US.
  • EB-3 Visa: Singapore nationals who receive a full-time, permanent job offer from an American employer can use the EB-3 Visa to relocate. The company sponsorship enables them to secure Green Cards for themselves and their dependent family members.

Non-Immigrant Visas from Singapore to the US

In addition to the abovementioned Green Card solutions, Singapore citizens can take advantage of non-immigrant visas for temporary visits to the US. The following are some of the common non-immigrant visa options for Singapore nationals:

  • H1B1
  • EB-1
  • EB-2
  • E-1
  • E-2

Based on your requirements and plans, you can choose a US visa scheme suitable for you. Consult our team at Strategic Migration Services today for more information and guidance for securing a visa to go to the US.